rave. MakeMusic. Have fun.

X RAVERS is a finite NFT collection of metaverse rave alter egos, AI music producers and future cross-reality celebrities, all in one.

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Each of the 15 000 meticulously designed, algorithmically crafted X Ravers will let you enter X Hacienda

Create, sell and stream exclusive NFT tracks. Make and trade personalised merch. Perform live in the metaverse


  • Incarnate as one of 8 gender-fluid metaverse species, ranging from awesome humans through cheerful aliens to shadowless vamps
  • Represent one of 50 electronic music genres. From tropical house through glitch, jungle, psy trance, gabber to eurodance
  • Look breathtaking and move like Jagger thanks to 100+ unique traits and dance moves. Vogue in a mini skirt. Dab in bikini. Gangnam that cowboy hat. Can't touch 80s disco jumpsuit

rave floor

Discover your next favourite XRaver

chill zone

Talk raves, Laurent Garnier, sunsets, Marshmello, pool fun, Bpitch Control, afterparties, Vladimir Cauchemar and all

doors open

Live rave stream launched. Listen 24/7 to mesmerising cross-genre music stream, blending house, noise, IDM, trip hop, vapourwave and what else

boiler room

Soundcheck completed, lights set, doors open. First X ravers get early bird surprises.

merch outlet

Merch shop launched. Effortlessly, in one click, produce and sell personalised merch based on your X Raver unique appearance


Music studio launched. Hassle-free, in one click, produce exclusive music tracks based on your X Raver genre. Cross-breed tracks with other X Ravers

rooftop bar

X Ravers marketplace launched. Trade your tracks and music catalogues, sign streaming deals, arrange live performances


Blockchain streaming platform launched. Stream your tracks alongside likes of San Holo, Salem and Apparat (what a strange combination)

xr portal

  • Full cross-reality immersion. 3D X Ravers, free for 2D X Ravers owners, 3D X Hacienda rave club to hang out at
  • Partnerships and collaborations with renown music artists, lifestyle brands, metaverses and congenial projects
  • Live X Ravers performances in the metaverse, annual cross-reality rave festival
  • XRVR token, treasury and DAO
  • More raves, more music, more fun - just as you would expect