We put together a few helpful answers to the most frequent questions.

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Who are the XRAVERS?

XRAVERS unite 10,000 unique 8bit animated dance characters immersed into the blockchain. All the XRAVERS were hand-drawn, pixel by pixel, animated with love, and generated by a custom Lua algorithm.

What’s unique about each XRAVER?

XRAVERS differ from one another across 4 dimensions: species, appearance, dance move, music genre. There are 8 species, ranging from humans through aliens to vampires.
Each XRAVER looks totally unique due to 100+ appearance traits and dance moves. XRAVERS will be able to produce various electronic music tracks, from tropical house through glitch, jungle, psy trance, gabber to eurodance.
All these elements ensure each that XRAVER is unique, authentic, and awesome. Some combinations of species, music genre, dance move, and appearance are rarer than others. Complete overview of all the attributes and rarity scores will be disclosed at 100% sold out.

What are the benefits of XRAVERS ownership?

Ownership will unlock your access to XHACIENDA, a virtual rave venue.
Ownership will also guarantee complete commercial rights to your XRAVERS, all the assets you will produce and close to 100% of all the revenues generated via sales of the assets.


Think of a large undercover, underground nightclub with entrance, cloakroom, dance floor, chill zone, stage, and so on.
It's the focal point for the XRAVERS community to hang out at, make music, design merch, chat with each other, rave, and have fun.
Each room will unlock certain community-only activities such as music production, streaming, and access to 3D XRAVERS swap. Expect exclusive mix drops, new sound packs, and extra NFT accessories for your XRAVERS along with other surprises.
See the roadmap for details.

How do I purchase an XRAVER?

You will need an Ethereum wallet to hold your XRAVER NFTs. We recommend using MetaMask as it’s an industry standard. You can download it as a Chrome browser extension.

What is the royalty and how is it distributed?

There will be a total of 10% royalty attached to any XRAVERS-related NFTs resale and sent to the founding team.
5% will be evenly distributed among all the token holders so that more triumphant XRAVERS support the community and help bring up other artists. 5% will be dedicated to funding further project development.

What are the tech specs?

X Ravers are stored as ERC-721 NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain within own verified custom smart contract. The art itself is stored on IPFS.
We aim to make XRAVERS immortal on the Arweave permaweb once all 10000 have joined the rave.

What's next?

The team will keep on building up the X Hacienda brick by brick, enriching the initial roadmap with community-driven ideas and relevant helpful tools.
In parallel, the team will work on signing partnerships and collaboration deals with renowned artists, brands, metaverses, and congenial projects to evolve the project further.
Ultimately, X Ravers will become a diverse community of cross-reality artists that transform the metaverse music experience into something never seen before.
Let's rave across the metaverse together.