XRAVERS started as a small talk about blockchain, NFTs, electronic music and metaverse experiences between a few friends on a chilly winter night. Jacques Greene, Laurent Garnier and Against All Logic, who played that night, contributed a fair deal too, for sure.

So, is this a story about the next generation of music artists and new ways to blend humans and AI to produce music?

A take on stuffy, centralised music industry that awkwardly pokes the metaverse with predictable performances? Maybe, we're just being nostalgic about all the raves, parties, gigs and shows that will never be the same again? Can't stop laughing looking at how XRAVERS amusingly dance and want to share the fun with you?

Probably, it's all at once and beyond.

The sleepless months that we spent building the XRAVERS were the hardest, and simultaneously the most joyful ride in our lives. It's no wonder we're determined to continue crafting XRAVERS experiences for you,whatever it takes.

Let's rave across the metaverse together.